This is hard.

Ok, so I was going to write an “epic” historical novel about my French-Canadian and Ojibwe ancestors. I came up with an opening scene and wrote the first few paragraphs. I had a general idea where I wanted to go with it, but then I stopped. Maybe I was just scared, but the right side of my brain was telling me it was not practical for me to write a novel to share on this blog.

I know almost nothing about writing fiction, and my attempts to date have been painstaking. I need to give myself time to learn how to write fiction without the pressure of any deadline or specific goal. I need to start out on a smaller scale, join a writing group, do some workshops, etc. At least that is what I have read about other writers starting out. Mostly, I need to find out if I am any good at it.

But I have all this information about my ancestors that I really want to share. I decided I will share it in essay form. Hopefully, I can keep it interesting enough to keep you coming back for more. Bear with me.

2 thoughts on “This is hard.

  1. I don’t think you need a workshop group or any special training– you write well and I imagine you are a reader. But I do think sharing things as you write is a bad idea. I hope you will work on your novel– think about doing National Novel Writing Month (google nanowrimo) next year, because the main thing is to get out as many words as possible going in any direction possible with whatever characters present themselves and then working from there. Good luck with the blog! I’ll check in now and then!


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